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Walk This Way!

Challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps a day for the next 4 weeks. You will see and feel the rewarding results. The JIB & Local 3 staff at the Electrical Industry Center is doing it.  

We encourage you to start your own 10,000 steps challenge with a group of family and friends, club members... and have fun improving your health!

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Did you know you're exposed to huge amounts of poisons when you smoke?

  • 1 puff of smoke  =    7,000 doses of poison
  • 1 cigarette (10 puffs)  =  70,000 doses of poison
  • 1 pack (20 cigarettes)  = 1,400,000 doses of poison

      View larger version of cigarette poisons

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Food safety tips to prevent food borne illnesses from lunch box or bag lunches.

Food can become unsafe to eat in just 2 hours if left at room temperature. Foods held at room temperatures above 90°F can become unsafe in 1 hour.

Keeping it cool

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The JIB Wellness Program – Fun and Healthy!

Michael E. Makover, MD FACP, Chief Medical Officer, JIB

Union World edition article:  Oct 2014 

Ho hum – you want us to eat right and exercise. Same old, same old. Well, it’s the same because if something works, you should keep doing it!
Well, you say, we are all so busy, who has time to be healthy? We could ask just as easily, who has time to be sick?

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