About Us

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Pension, Hospitalization and Benefit Plan of the Electrical Industry is to provide high quality care to both active and retired participants and their families in the most cost-efficient manner.  Recognizing that the financial health of the plan and the health of its participants are linked, the Trustees endorse a pro-active approach to health care that focuses upon prevention and wellness.

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Michael E. Makover, MD FACP, Chief Medical Officer JIBEI

Dr. Makover is the Chief Medical Officer for the Joint Industry Board.  He is also the CEO and Medical Director of JIB Medical, Inc. and the Editor-in-Chief of the JIB Wellness Website.

His office includes:

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Judy Blades - JIB Wellness Coordinator

Judy Blades is the Wellness Coordinator for the Joint Industry Board.  She joined the JIB Medical staff in 2013. She is dedicated and enthusiastic in her work to help motivate our members and participants to improve their health and wellness. She facilitates hands-on, interactive and fun-filled workshops as well as other wellness related activities.

In her workshops participants learn how to make very easy, inexpensive, and long term lifestyle changes. Many of our participants have made tremendous progress and are very pleased with the changes they've already begun to make.

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