Welcome to LightenUp! A FREE Weight Management Program for members

The LightenUp! Program is a comprehensive online weight loss program developed by a leading weight loss expert. The program combines online tracking tools, detailed program materials and educational resources along with the guidance of a live Registered Dietitian online. Healthy meal plans, with menus for various caloric levels, are provided. By participating in the program you will learn to make lifelong changes to your health and wellbeing!

The Pension Hospitalization and Benefit Plan (PHBP) of JIB is offering this program FREE of cost to a limited number of PHBP participants for a trial period. 

The program is primarily online, therefore there’s no visit to JIB Medical for Tier 1 and Tier 2. (The Tiers are explained  in full in the downloadable application link below).  The program can be used from anywhere you have Internet access.

It is currently a pilot program that is limited in enrollment to see how it works out for an initial trial period. If it proves worthwhile, it might then be offered more widely. Once the initial trial period admission is filled, further enrollment will stop until and if the program is expanded.

If interested, please download the application below and follow the directions on how to submit your completed form.