Welcome to Your New JIB Wellness Website

JIB Wellness Website is your website. It is designed to give you as much helpful and easy to use information as we can. 

We have created and gathered topics that are of interest and benefit to our participants and their families. We look forward to developing it with you.  Our mission for this site is to be a place that you can trust to get healthy tips and tools that will lead you and your loved ones to enjoying a healthy way of life.

Our goal is to provide you with easy hands-on ideas that will inspire and motivate you to make healthy lifestyle changes. We all have a desire to live long, healthy and active lives, and the best time to begin doing so is NOW!

You’ll discover that getting healthy and remaining healthy doesn’t have to be such a hard thing to do. For example, just reading and understanding the nutrition facts labels on packaged foods while shopping will help you make healthier and more enjoyable choices. Taking a 15 -30 minute break to go for a walk around the block, or committing to cut down on the amount of sugary drinks you may have on a daily basis and drinking more water instead are just a few of many other things that can easily help you feel really good and provide great benefit to you.  You will discover that nothing feels as good as feeling healthy.


The website includes:

  • Articles on health matters of all kinds, with a complete archive as articles develop. It will also include articles by Dr. Makover that were first published in Union World.
  • Stories and pictures of members of our Pension, Hospitalization and Benefit Program (PHBP) community. These are your friends, relatives, co-workers and union brothers and sisters.
  • Fact-checking some of the many confusing stories reported in the media. We are all overloaded and so much of what we hear is wrong. We will try to help make sense of it all and separate the truth from fiction.  Good health is much simpler and more practical than all the noise might make it seem.
  • Useful health tips, recipes, exercise ideas and much else.
  • Announcements and a calendar of important wellness events.
  • Useful information about JIB Medical, our medical facility at JIB headquarters.
  • Many links to other helpful health related sites.
  • A library of fun and interesting health videos.